Car Servicing

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Ensuring your car is fully serviced is an integral part of looking after your vehicle and ensuring it is running at its optimal condition. Doing so will make the vehicle more efficient which could save you money and ensure that your vehicle is safer to drive.

Tech Tyres Ltd can offer the following type of vehicle service:f vehicle service:

Oil Change

Oil changes can be carried out between services or before taking a long journey. As you know, oil is vital to keep your vehicle's engine running smoothly as it lubricates all of the vital components. An oil service consists of:

Oil & Filter Change

Tyre, Battery, Wiper and Light Checks
Brake Fluid, Windscreen Washer and Power Steering Fluid Top-Ups
Multi-Point Checks
Interim Services

An interim car service should be carried out to your manufacturer's specifications to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy between full services.

Full Service

A full service should also be carried out to the manufacturer's specifications. It is important to have a full service completed by an experienced and fully trained mechanic like those here at Tech Tyres Ltd so that any damage is spotted early and preventative steps taken to ensure no further damage is done to your vehicle.

Tech Tyres Ltd's service schedule includes:

Record Registration, Mileage, Tread Depths
Lights, Indicators
Wash, Wipe
Tyre Pressure, Condition
Grease, Battery, Door Hinges, Exposed Pipes
Oil Filter
Air Filter
Fuel Filter
Pollen Filter
Glow Plugs
Brakes Inspection
Body Work Condition
Service Record
Reset Service Indicators
Visual Inspection, Clean
Test Drive
Additional Work Recommendation

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